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Cahootify is an online platform that enables individuals to upload their media projects and create a work portfolio that shows other individuals who they are and what skills they possess. Cahootify allows users to create and share projects that they want to start with the help of others who use Cahootify, this enables other individuals to select roles they want to partake within the projects people have shared. Through this people are able to get projects completed while the individuals who helped them complete their project are able to spread their name through helping with the projects they chose to partake in, which results in people building up their online presence while gaining contacts within their industry.

Importance of an online presence and how to create one?

With the Internet now taking over the application service for employers it is becoming increasingly important for individuals to build up an online presence, especially filmmakers. Individuals are able to spread information and work that they have created within seconds on different social media platforms. Therefore depending on your industry and offering this could open the doors to employment which people may not have been able to get without an online presence.

In regards to a filmmaker it is extremely important for them to build an online presence, as it is there most powerful marketing tool. However it is not always an easy ride, as one negative comment about you or your work can hinder your online reputation, which can result in your online presence being damaged. Therefore creating and maintaining work and giving information on what you do and hope to achieve is extremely important.

A filmmaker should be using a range of different social media platforms as active users can help get you and your work trending while connecting with potential clients and work colleagues is easily done on social media platforms. Google alerts is also something a filmmaker should be using, as you need to be able to see what is being said about you on the Internet. The quickest way to achieve this is by setting up Google Alerts for your name.

When using different social networks it is extremely important that a filmmaker uses photos and says things that are suitable for others to see on the Internet. Online communities are quick to judge so avoiding inappropriate language, having prejudiced views and using inappropriate images must be avoided.

It is also important that you remain active online, you need to do more than just posting your content. You should join filmmaking forums and groups. You need to start conversations. Join communities that are relevant to your work. Through joining these communities other members will learn to respect to you and will share your work with others who have the same interests as you. How do you expect anyone to remember you if you don’t join in and start discussions?

How can Cahootify help?

Cahootify is a newly created online platform that calls itself an online project portfolio and team-forming platform for the creative production industries. Cahootify enables people to recruit and get involved with projects that will benefit them. In return you can offer their hard work anything whether it be cash or chocolate, it’s completely up you!

One of Cahootify’s most effective features is their search bar because it lets you search by name, skill or projects and location. This means that you can search to see if there is someone you know that you want to be a part of your project. You can search for people with specific skills that you know you need someone to have for your project. It is also important that they have featured the location search because you may need someone local to work on your project rather than across the world.

Screen shot of cahootify search bar

Cahootify uses folksonomies as users are able to use tags to show each of their skills, this means that when someone searches for a specific skill all users with the tag they have searched will come up. Cahootify also features your hometown and country on your profile; this is extremely similar to Facebook as you can search for someone using their hometown and country of living.

Screen shot of cahootify profile showing tags

Cahootify also uses taxonomies on users profiles, due to the projects they have created or been apart of have been organised in date order. This means that people are able to navigate around their portfolio to see whether the users work has gotten better over time and whether that person is still an active user on Cahootify.

Screen shot of cahootify portfolio

There is more to it than just Cahootify

Filmmakers must use major social media websites along Cahootify to promote themselves. If a filmmaker is just going to use Cahootify then they are not going to be able to promote themselves on a larger scale. Cahootify is a specialised site, which targets a niche market. Cahootify is connected to social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. Cahootify often advertises roles in different projects on twitter and Facebook while on LinkedIn Cahootify keep people up to date with news and new job opportunities.

Cahootify isn’t the best website for active online communication so using Facebook alongside Cahootify is extremely important. Facebook has a messenger feature, which enables project members to create a private chat where they are able to connect and communicate with each other easily. Twitter also has a private chat, however all you must ‘follow’ each other to be able to message each other. Therefore using Facebook as a form of communication is the best way to go. Facebook also uses taxonomies such as pages and groups; these are great ways for a filmmaker to create a page or group to bring together their fans or people who have worked with them. The groups they create can be private, open or hidden while what goes on in the group can be controlled by the admin

Twitter is the best platform to get others talking about you and your work. With an average of 307 million active monthly users twitter is the most powerful way in getting you and your work spread. Twitter also enables you to keep in touch with the public and other filmmakers you want to connect with. It also allows you to connect and build relationships with people through the tweets you tweet and the work you create. It also lets you identify others who are using the hash tag you have created to spread your work.

YouTube is obviously the site best tailored for your video uploading and sharing. YouTube is an established platform with millions of users tuning in each day, therefore your film work is more likely to get views on YouTube compared to any other social media platforms. The video hosting site enables users to ensure that there video content reaches the right target audience. Tags and categories can be added to your video, which helps filmmakers get their content to the right audience.

Cahootify is more like an online community as the website has been formed from people that have no relationship to each other, the people on Cahootify are all brought together by a shared interest or goal. Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are held together by pre-established relationship such as friendship and family while people join to help maintain or reconnect with relationships they have or have previously had with people.

While Cahootify is still a small online platform I believe that it will always need social network sites such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube to help promote filmmakers and their work. Filmmakers will need to use other social media platforms to keep active and keep a fan base growing. However through more funding I believe that Cahootify can grow into a successful online platform that will benefit filmmakers and other people within the media profession as it gives people the chance to be a part of a project that would be extremely difficult to be a part of in the real world.


By James Adcock

Word count: 1337




Santa Claus animated image (gif) showing him in different designers such as kenzo, hba, apc and wang

It’s that time of year again when people have no idea what presents to buy! Well i’m here to help. In this post i will providing you with my top five gifts this christmas! Hopefully this will help you shoppers out there.

1.ASOS Double Breasted Wool Mix Overcoat In Black – £125

This heavyweight wool-rich fabric double breasted overcoat will be a great purchase for any male this christmas! overcoats are hugely popular at the moment and can be worn with absolutely anything. Whether its your son, husband, nephew, friend etc this coat is an affordable coat that is worth buying!

Asos Double breasted overcoat in black on male

Asos Double Breasted Wool Mix Overcoat

2.  Represent Turtle Neck – £55

This viscose/Elastane blend turtle neck with a relaxed fit, finished with a drop shoulder and centre back seam is a great Christmas present this year. The extremely popular turtle neck is a must have in anyones wardrobe this christmas whether you be a boy or girl. Represent clothing’s take on the turtle neck is brilliantly executed and with a wide range of colour to choose from a turtle neck should be on anyones christmas list!

Represent clothing turtle neck in black Represent clothing turtle neck in oliveRepresent clothing turtle neck in white

Represent clothing Turtle Neck in Black      Represent clothing Turtle Neck in White

Represent clothing Turtle Neck in Olive

3. Common Projects High-Top Sneakers Black – £265

Common Projects are a popular simplistic trainer, which uses top of the line leathers and craftsmanship. The Common Projects trainers are made in italy and are extremely comfortable. I own two pairs and wear them daily. These trainers are a wonderful present for anyone!

Black common projects trainers side profile black common projects trainers showing front and sole of two trainers

Common Projects High-Top Trainers Black

4. ADYN Cropped Trouser – £80

ADYN Clothing has created its own take on the widely popular cropped trouser. The brand is English and has taken a huge leap in the streetwear market. Their cropped trouser is a gift anyone would be happy with this christmas. They can be worn with anything, whether it be trainers or shoes.

ADYN Black cropped trousers

ADYN Black Cropped Trousers

5. Adidas Stan Smith (White & Green) – £69

First debuting in 1971 as a tennis all-star sneaker, the adidas Stan Smith has defined itself as today’s streetwear legend. The extremely popular Stan Smith silhouette can be worn with absolutely anything! Buying this trainer for a boy or girl will make look extremely fashionable and at a price of just £69 for an Adidas trainer you can’t go wrong !

Adidas stan smith trainers white and green

Adidas Stan Smith (White & Green)


30/11/15 – Leeds Trinity University

Live Tweet #LTJW 

As part of Leeds Trinity Journalist Week, we are having a Skype conference and Q&A with Breaking Bad producer Stuart Lyons. I live tweeted throughout the Skype conference. I have posted some of the more interesting answers he provided to us. If you would like further answers and more information then please don’t hesitate to write them in the comment section.

‘the plot of breaking bad wasn’t solid at the beginning, stories changed, characters were killed and added throughout‘ – Stewart Lyons

‘most US tv series were designed to go on forever, breaking bad had an impending end’ – Stewart Lyons

‘Breaking Bad shows us the darker side of the paths that we all choose in life’ – Stewart Lyons

‘vince was sparce with his music score, he trusted the audience to decide for themselves how they should feel’ – Stewart Lyons

Picture of Stewart Lyons holding an award


Slime Season 2 Album Cover


Slime Season 2 was released on the 31st of October 2015. It is Young Thug’s third full-length release in seven months with all three releases being of high quality. Slime Season 2 is a more carefully constructed work than its predecessor. It is the first of his releases to give us a real sense of who Jeffrey Williams is and what he can produce. Slime Season 2 is the sound of 2015’s most dazzling and unique rapper.

It is a big improvement on Septembers release Slime Season due to the clear sense of purpose. Slime Season 2 is nearly an hour and a half long, but it flows brilliantly. The mood portrayed is woozy and nocturnal. With Atlanta based producers Metro Boomin, Southside and London On Da Track all being involved the mixtape lives up to the hype surrounding it.

Critics have called Thug’s music surrealist on numerous occasions but Slime Season 2 presents him as a storyteller, which is something people haven’t labelled Young Thug as before.



Close up of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 Moonrock Trainers

Kourtney Kardashian may have been the first person to debut the latest addition of the Yeezy Boost 350, but since the release images of have been flying around the internet.

Last weekend we saw the release of the Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 moonrock colourway, which marked the third Yeezy Boost 350 this year. The shoe sold out within minutes everywhere. Most retailers held raffles or sold their pairs online. The Kanye West x Adidas collaboration has been one of the most popular releases this year with everything released selling out within minutes.

The Moonrock colour way is a unique and unseen before style which has taken the public by surprise. Regardless of the whether these trainers are a must have for any sneakerhead out there. However the retail price of £150 isn’t cheap so make sure to keep these clean if you do purchase them!